How do you say your business name EMBLDN?
It’s pronounced just as Embolden.

Do you take family portraits?
Unfortunately, we don’t -  our main focus is engagements and weddings.

Where are you located?
We are located in sunny Southern California – Loma Linda.

Do you travel out of state for weddings?
umm YAAS! In order to book us for your out of state wedding we require that flights, lodging, and transportation be covered WITH whichever package you choose!

Do you only shoot intimate weddings and elopements?
Yes! We love shooting weddings with less than 200 guests, because it makes it a lot more intimate and personable and a helluva lot easier to get those sweet, intimate, tender moments without having to dodge hundreds of people ;)

Do you charge travel fees?
We charge travel fees of $1.60 per mile after the complimentary 20 miles from 92354.

We already locked in a wedding contract, but can I still add an extra hour to my package?
Of course!! As long as you let us know before your final payment. We do charge overtime after the contracted hours – so lemme know asap!

Do you offer services for longer than 8 hours?
YES!! You can definitely add an extra hour, but unfortunately we can not shoot more than 10 hours.

How do I know if the location I want to take my engagement photos at requires a photography permit?
It’s always best to do a quick search on the locations that you’re interested in.

What if it does require a permit?
We ask that the clients cover any permits and fees associated with their chosen locations.

Do you bring props to your photo sessions?
No, we do not provide any props, but if you’d like to incorporate some you are more than welcomed to bring your own.

Do you offer videography too?
Unfortunately, we are no longer offering videography services for 2019.

We’re ready to book you, what’s the next step?
I’ll send you our contract and from there you are able to sign it electronically and make your first deposit online! Then we are officially booked! * jazz hands *

How long in advance should we book you for our wedding?
It’s so important to book at least 6 months in advance cause we do book up fast!

Do you have insurance?
AB-SO-LUTE-LY YAAS. 1 mil insurance liability on our butts ;) heyhey

How long until my wedding photos will be ready?
Wedding photos are usually available 8-10 weeks after wedding date on a private online gallery

How many outfits can I wear to my photo session?
Our photo sessions are usually 1.5 hours long, I would recommend just to bring 1 as it does cut into time when you have to change outfits, but if you want to bring something that’s easy to change quickly in and out of that’s fine too!

When will my engagement photos be ready?
Engagement photos are ready 3 weeks after the photo session

Do you know any cool locations that we can do our photo session at?
YES!!!! We know tons of outdoor locations for you to choose from, and also indoors too if that’s your jazz ;)  

When will I receive my wedding video?
Wedding videos are ready 12-14 weeks and will be available for download on Vimeo

What is considered an elopement?
We consider any weddings with 50 guests or less as an elopement

What should I wear to my photo session?
Long flowy dresses are my favorite because it captures such awesome movements with the wind and looks so great on any body type. I also recommend avoiding any clashing patterns and large logos!